I'm Kim, and I like to draw.

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Anonymous asked - "hi kimchi u are my favorite person in the whole wide world"

who is this I HUG YOU 

Let’s bake cookies! And HOLD HANDS!  
All while running breathlessly towards the setting sun! 

In a bit of a block lately with art and life. Nevertheless, onwards..! 
Environment study #1
Environment study #2
Environment study #3 
"This is what growing up kind of feels like," he thought. It wasn’t sad, but it was difficult. It was beautiful. It was different. ☁️🎈
A fun Saturday painting. Also a bit of an Edgar Allen Poe tribute + a mixture of influential songs with heavy lyrics.
Day 16/30: Something that reminds you of your favourite song. I have many favourite songs, but campfires always bring back memories of the most beautiful ones.
Sorry don’t mind me. I’m just archiving some of this stuff onto my tumblr. 😉
Day 7/30: Your family or a family member. Here is my sisterRrRr. She cute and a total babe…and also a book geek. 📚📖📒 #nerd