I'm Kim, and I like to draw.

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Let me tell you a story about Sad Skinny Punk Rock Boy!! I always see him on my bus route and he always looks so sad and sickly. He’s been this way for the past 2 years. But guess what! Today I saw Sad Skinny Punk Rock Boy with Smiley Sassy Punk Rock Girl. Sad Skinny Punk Rock Boy found love!!! He looked very happy.  And that was my evening on my way home from downtown and it was great. I’ve always believed in you Sad Skinny Punk Rock Boy!!

Anonymous asked - "hi kimchi u are my favorite person in the whole wide world"

who is this I HUG YOU 

Let’s bake cookies! And HOLD HANDS!  
All while running breathlessly towards the setting sun! 

In a bit of a block lately with art and life. Nevertheless, onwards..! 
Environment study #1
Environment study #2
Environment study #3 
"This is what growing up kind of feels like," he thought. It wasn’t sad, but it was difficult. It was beautiful. It was different. ☁️🎈
A fun Saturday painting. Also a bit of an Edgar Allen Poe tribute + a mixture of influential songs with heavy lyrics.
Day 16/30: Something that reminds you of your favourite song. I have many favourite songs, but campfires always bring back memories of the most beautiful ones.
Sorry don’t mind me. I’m just archiving some of this stuff onto my tumblr. 😉