I'm Kim, and I like to draw.

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Have you ever felt both old and young? Have you ever felt like you were flying, and moving with the world in perfect stillness?
Some sketch commissions that I did at Minicomi!
*didn’t know what to draw*
*ended up doodling Lewis compound structure of sulfuric acid*

Dang girl. Told her she look fine but she was all like H2SO4 to me.
Scott from out collab comic Suki&Scott :)
To the forest within you: 🌿
Convention art :)
I don’t know about you, but Sailor Moon was one of my secret superheroes when I was growing up.  
I’ll be selling prints of these at SFU Summer Festival hehehe.  Come stop by and say hi!!
Discovered this unbearably hip (((hahaha sob))) coffee shop while on break near my work. I ended up sketching. 
IT WAS A DECENT LATTE. It made the heart of my inner barista sing. 
Muse  Inspired by some marvellous berry-like plants that I discovered while out on a walk in the forest.